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 Operation Black Raven

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PostSubject: Operation Black Raven   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:27 am

Chapter One

Blood, blood isn’t usually a very good sign, because for one it shows that you have been injured. But for me it’s more of the vomit factor. It has taste that much I am sure of. I have mulled over this thought for what seemed like hours, when suddenly my eyes jutted open.
I could barely hear anything, but from what I could hear, I heard shouting and gunfire. I stood up, only to be thrown back down to the floor by an arm. “BOOM!” a wall directly to my left exploded into a million chunks of rubble. “Panzer IV, left side!” I heard someone scream, I looked right and noticed three grenade pins clatter to the floor, “Cling, Cling, Cling” in succession all three of this man’s mark II fragmentation grenades flew straight, and true into the opening atop the monstrous tank to our left.
I finally regained my sight, and hearing only to lose them again within seconds. “KA-BOOM!” the tank that was wreaking havoc by me exploded with the force of an oncoming train, and with the light, and heat of a small sun. “Hell yeah, Alright!” then men in the room cheered aloud. At this point I had regained my sight, and hearing all over again. I struggled to my feet, and suddenly doubled over in pain. I felt a huge, agonizing pain in my lower abdomen. I felt something push against the pain, and saw a military dressing.
I suddenly remembered where I was, who I am, and what I am. My name is Corporal Matt Lukas. I am a member of the 101st Airborne Parachute Regiment. I am in the hills of Normandy, France near the town of St. Mere-Eglise. My company, “Fox” company was charged with holding a three block chunk of ground near the rear of the city. Our intent was to cut off any German troops falling back from the frontal assault, and catch them in a cross-fire. That plan failed horrendously, while we were about to engage the enemies, the reinforcements that they had called before our arrival showed up. We were slowly cut down to just our squad, Raven squad, that was made up of 20 men. That’s about when I was hit with a hail of MG42 Fire.
I snapped back into the situation at hand, I held my wound tightly and wrapped the dressing around me to keep constant pressure. I leaned over and hefted my M1 Garand. I could hear shouts in the distance in front of us. Then as quickly as the battle died, it started up again. “PING, PING” was the sound I, and my squad could hear. We quickly loaded our weapons and sighted in.
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Operation Black Raven
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