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Hello All!
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 PAPA leaving yallz forums

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PostSubject: Re: PAPA leaving yallz forums   Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:19 pm

Its kool to be retired, you get to ride around with the little handicap sticker in your window. (=
Just imagine going to a drive-up movie with that thing.
Font row parking! haha jk.
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PostSubject: Re: PAPA leaving yallz forums   Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:21 pm

haha Big Grin
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Sergeant Major - 1.3

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PostSubject: Re: PAPA leaving yallz forums   Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:30 am

Morris wrote:
NV wrote:
I'm with Romeo, I'm one of few Ownt members who still likes Papi. However, I agree that he's broken some rules, both in the servers and the forums, and done some things he shouldn't have. However, I can't help but wonder if the Ownt members who like to ride his case wouldn't react the same way he has if the tables were turned, and you were in his place, and he in yours. You Ownt people know who you are, I don't have to name names. That's my feeling, the wrong was done on both sides, and I can't really blame Papi, because I believe most of us would've reacted the same way he has to some of what's been thrown his way by some of our ppl. I'm not trying to make anyone mad, just my opinion, I'm still cool with both him and my Ownt bros.

I'm not even gonna respond. Well..Yes I am..
I ride his case?! I've never broken a rule on eXtreme..He's broken about 3, multiple times on our server..I'm banned, he isn't..Who's riding who's case?!
How could you take what he was saying 'non-wrong'? He was trying to instigate something..He doesn't NEED an explanation..He doesn't even belong to the clan..Plus he wouldn't have gotten "RET" status 'cuz he started his own clan!
Name my name..Idc..I'm over this bro. Papi tries his best to start stuff..And he's succeeded. You don't see me going on THEIR forum and asking for explanations about their clan stuff..If I did, I'd EXPECT this kind of treatment.

lol Mo, I agree with you, he's broken server rules, and done some things on our forums, as I said. I know you haven't gone on Extreme's forums or servers and broken rules like he has. You're also right that he's not eligible for RET status. I'm referring to some of the response posts to him from some members that have seemed like they're trying to make him start something. Yes, some of the times he's posted on here, it's seemed like he was trying to stir people up. However, there have been times where he's come on to just try to mediate between some other extreme members and Vix about the other Extreme members rule-breaking, and some of our people have responded to him with the apparent intention of trying to start something with him. That's all I'm saying lol, yes he's done plenty of stuff against the rules, but there have been times where it looked to me like people were trying to pick a fight with him.
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PostSubject: Re: PAPA leaving yallz forums   Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:51 pm

Morris wrote:
SarahBeth wrote: wrote:
Vixen wrote:
I'm sure they will find someone else to stalk Papi..
ha. im probley next...
Seems like haters come with every new clan?

No haters come to some people and not to others.
Papalone has had more then enough chances and has pretty much worked under everyone's skin. He came very very very close to getting banned about a month ago by vix. When they first started extreme they where blatenly recruiting on the server and Vixen let it slide. Maybe he should maybe he should have just canned them then IDK.. it was his choice.

But on the other had..
Take you for example,
Your quite and you know when to stop. LIke my warning to you in angels thread. You read it and clammed up. Pap would have come back with another post. To which I would have responded and he would have been banned from the forums.

This has been a long time coming...

And all I can say thank god.

Personally net,
You have not pissed me off yet. I still like you Smile

Brilliantly written..
I see exactly why everyone loves you! Big Grin

Love you 2 HAHA
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PostSubject: Re: PAPA leaving yallz forums   

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PAPA leaving yallz forums
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