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Hello All!
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 So i've been parousing the site and...

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Private First Class - 1.3
Private First Class - 1.3

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PostSubject: So i've been parousing the site and...   Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:31 pm

You guys have 11 squads at approx 5 each. Assuming half the people are active on the server, a 2v2 squad battle would be 10v10 give or take. Now if you had... persay... a sign up sheet (hint hint) you could organize scrims whenever you wanted and not have to rely on other clans asking for whats comin. Although I'm not actually part of the clan yet, I would love to join in on some scrimming, as that is one of my main reasons to join a clan. On the sheet, you could also include an option section that would specify game type, or game. I love cod 1 as much as the next guy, but come on. I know some of you guys play it cause its fun, some cause thats all you can run, but as we inch along into what... the 12th year its been out, I know we know a few other games. It would be interesting to see how the scrims fair in a tactical game like BC2 or America's Army, the later of which is ftp and hyper realistic.
All in all, I just wanna use what we have. If you are gonna separate into squads, why not make the full use of them. Scrimming would also encourage teamwork and possibly boost player frequency, and if the server's name is changed to "closed for scrim" people might become more interested in joining because of this new element they have not tried.
~~~ Hope this sees the light of day ~~ DaX ~~~
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Senior Administrator v.5

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PostSubject: Re: So i've been parousing the site and...   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:34 pm

we have been having in-clan scrims for some time now. Our scrim leaders are on vacation at the moment.

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So i've been parousing the site and...
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