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Hello All!
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 For those interested

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PostSubject: For those interested   Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:01 pm

If you're planning on enlisting in the military no matter what branch, take a look at this:

This information is Army related only, since thats the branch i'm in, but some is similar to other branches as well'

Be prepared for a lot of paperwork

Be prepared for the "Hurry up and Wait" process

Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training aren't all that hard if you do what you're told when you're told to do it

Basic Combat Training is composed of 3 phases, Red Phase, White Phase and Blue Phase ( 1 week before you graduate you get a graduation phase banner)

The first week of Basic Combat Training is In-Processing Week, this week will feel like 1 month

Advanced Individual Training varies in length depending on you're job (MOS)

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) also has 3 phases Phase IV, Phase V, and Phase V+

As of now the Army is cutting about 25,000 soldiers because it is over-strengthed

As of now if you have a felony you cannon enlist in the Army

17 and older are eliglble for enlistment (If you're 17 you must have a parent at the recruiting station to sign papers saying they agree)

This is some information regarding the Army and possibly other branches if you have army related questions, you can xfire me at jimmy2567


-DeV- thanks for the sig Animal

"You can talk about us, but you can't talk without us" Signal Corps U.S. Army

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For those interested
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