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 The Truth About Slayer

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PostSubject: The Truth About Slayer   The Truth About Slayer Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2014 1:15 pm

Known Aliases: Master, Slayer, Cube, Time (edit: also went by the name "Cocoa" for a while)

Note: Some aliases were used once or a few times then discarded and are not listed here because I do not recall them.

The timeline is hazy, since i wasn't keeping a journal or log of my gaming career. Times and dates will be estimated to the best of my recollection.

Around 2003-2004 I received a gift from my uncle, Call of Duty 1: Game of the Year Edition. It sat dormant for a while until 2004-2005 when I installed it on my family computer. It was one of those pre-built PCs, something you got for 500 bucks at an electronics store with the monitor, keyboard and OS included. I played on the all weps servers under the tag "Master" and got demolished, like anybody else who is new to first person shooters. After some months of experience, I could sometimes get a 1:1 KDR on the all weps pubs. But these scores were not consistent, and during peak hours for online population(when the pros were playing) i was hopelessly in the negative KDRs. Still very noobish, I would initiate conversations with the top players, asking for tips and assistance. "How did you get so good?" was one of my favorite questions. "Practice" was a typical response. I was instructed by server admins and other players to use Xfire as a means of communication, and to stay off the global in-game chat. Xfire was popular back then, so I installed it, added some players I met in pubs(pretty much every body who knew a thing or two about CoD had "/say 'xfire username' " binded to a hotkey). One of these people encouraged me to try a rifles server. Tried the rifles server, got owned consistently. 1:5 KDRs on SD matches. Around the time I started playing rifles, I changed my tags to "Slayer." My xfire buddies encouraged me to keep trying and not give up. They said they were bad at rifles too when they first started. Learned about teamspeak and ventrilo. The friends lists grew, I learned about modding and would install and play custom maps, and even co-operatively make mods(IIRC the guy i modded with went by the tag of "Luca"). I even hosted servers from home and their population would reach 10 players. Going to sleep at 11AM was a common occurance. I was spending easily 20 hours every week on CoD during the school year, and over 60 hours per week in the summer. During one of these late night sessions with I forget who, I had agreed to accept a copy of CoDbot over xfire. Dun Dun Dun. Around late 2005 the hacking began, and continued until maybe 2008. I would get accused, get demoed, get banned, deny all of it, etc. At some point I pretended to have a brother named Cube but it was really just me lulz. During this time from 2005 to 2008 i would game sometimes with hacks and sometimes without. Say 50/50. My skills without hacks improved tremendously. I could get 2:1 KDR on a rifle pub. And my ability to hide hacks also improved. I learned about FPS sweet spots, monitor refresh rates, etc. At some point, I eventually got stalked by some rouge vigilantes who were fed up with hackers and had set out for justice. They would follow me into pubs and hack me into oblivion. I realized what it was like to be on the receiving end of cheating. It hurt. It was frustrating. It sucks to be in that situation when you know they're hacking and call them out and they deny it and nobody believes you, etc. etc. I kept at it for a while and eventually stopped hacking. I would confess to others "i used to hack but i don't anymore" but the popular attitude was "once a hacker, always a hacker." Anyhow, those spin shots you saw me do, those were legit. The lean shots, also legit. Of course, with a history of hacking and an unusual playing style, nobody believes you. Everybody says, "hax hax hax, must be hax." Kind of like the boy who cried wolf. If you say "i'm not hacking" when you are hacking, then when you actually are not hacking, saying "i'm not hacking" doesn't mean anything to most people even though you are actually not hacking. Stopped cod 1 around 2010-2011 when the servers were just dead. Played CoD2 for a while then stopped PC gaming all together.

One benefit to having hacking experience is that you can more easily detect hacks in other players. I would suggest to any moderater to go hack yourself for 30 minutes so you can know what the hackers are working with. It will help you.

CLIFF NOTES: I was a noob at rifles and somebody introduced me to hacks. For about 3 years, I hacked 50% of the time and played without hacks 50% of the time. Rouge vigilantes taught me a lesson by hacking me and making my gaming experience miserable. I stopped hacking and was pretty good as a rifle player. I could do spin shots and lean shots. However, due to the long history of hacking, my performance achievements were always under scrutiny.

and vixen, that demo you have(or had) of me on the SGC server when i'm in the #2 spot and sway, i belive, is in the top spot... that was NO HACKS Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Truth About Slayer   The Truth About Slayer Icon_minitimeTue Aug 05, 2014 6:33 pm

Nice story.
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The Truth About Slayer
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